On this assignment you will learn to combine at least two images into one.  


This is a photo illustration assignment. The image does not need to have photographic integrity.

In this assignment you will be shooting the subject and background separately. You will select and then copy the subject from one file and place in on a background in another file.

Ideas: Try doing a search for "composite images", "composite photos", or, "combining photos in Photoshop" for ideas.

Something else to look at would be the work of Rene Magritte. He was a surrealist painter (1898 - 1967).

Try these, Wikipedia.


Come up with a good idea in the style of Rene Magritte (most important part of any assignment). Select a subject that won't be too hard to cut out. Anything with a lot of small detail will make things more difficult (things like small branches or strands of hair for example). The object is to combine them in a realistic way. Shooting both the subject and the background in the same light will make that a lot easier.

Open the subject file in Photoshop. Select it using a quick mask (see the instructions in the Photoshop notes). Save the selection. with the object selected slightly feather it (you will have to experiment with the amount, it varies depending on your files resolution), copy it, open up or make active the background file and past it. Remember the goal is to have it look realistic. Adjust the size of your subject as necessary.

Another way to do this would be to use the clone stamp tool between two file. Define the point to copy from on one file, and paint onto another open file.

Another technique would be to combine different layers using layer masks and different layer blend modes.

You can also mix and match the three techniques.

The size of the composited subject should fill at least 25% of the 5x7 oe 8x10 composition.

Use what you learned about the elements and principles of design, and composition for this assignment. I want the finished file to be art and not just an exercise.

Name the finished file, Magritte.jpg. Save the finished file in a folder named "composite" in your Photo folder in your student storage space.

While you are working on the file save it as a Photoshop file. When you arecompletely finished save it as a jpeg. Remember, jpg's are flat.

 TURN IN:    
  Finished file named "Magritte"in a folder named "Composite". Also load it to your Weebly site in a one image gallery.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

Assignment rubric HERE

Good luck