To create a tri-fold brochure for a customer.  

This a the logo for the assignment.



Students will be developing a tri-fold advertisement for a natural herbalist business.
In the example being sent out you will see the Title, sub-titles, and logo.
These items will need to be included in the advertisement. The following is a list of information that the students will be able to use to form the advertisement:
I make herbal teas, salves, creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, pain reliving rubs and teas, specializing in using the native plants.
I make many pet medications
I teach others how to grow the plants they need to maintain their own healing gardens.
I counsel those that need advice, and provide my services as a life coach.
I conduct Native ceremonies for blessings, cleansings, and to help others reach out to the spirit world.
I teach our customs to the youth and their family.
I conduct readings for others, and on other’s areas, or things they may request.
I also help teach others to make their own style of natural art.
Pricing depends on product, or service requested.
Please call for a consultation.

Samples of a tri-fold brochures; students may pick out their own layout, color and scheme.

Sample: click here






 TURN IN:    
  One finished letter sized file named xxx.jpg. Put it in a folder named "assignmentname" in your Graphic Design folder.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

From Mr. P's Photo Rubric

Is you design original, innovative and daring, or just another example of the same old thing? Does it fulfill the requirements for the assignment (see assignment requirements above) ?

Have you used the appropriate elements and principles of design that would enhance your design? Have you used good composition?
Is your color theory sound? Good use of typography? Text sized and arranged with consideration to hierarchy? Can you read the text easily?

Have you used some sort of grid? Have you kept the text at least 1/2 in inch from the edges?

Good luck