Leadership skill development for all students is a required, integral part of all Career and Technical
Education (CTE) instructional programs. Leadership can be defined as the ability to preside, guide, or
manage self, others, activities, or events with responsibility for the final outcome. Integrating leadership
skill development into CTE instructional programs enables students to fully utilize the subject matter
content they receive. Leadership skills empower each student to assume responsible roles in the family,
community, business and industry environments.

Leadership development has been an integral component of CTE courses in Washington State for
decades. The leadership learned in extra and co-curricular activities makes an enormous positive impact
on the lives of their students. Leadership activities have long been thought of as one of the items that
make CTE courses different (and more valuable) than other courses.

From Leadership For All - A Guide to Leadership Skills Integration in CTE Curriculum

Leadership Skills Document from OSPI

Leadership Skills Brochure from OSPI

In Class

Leadership isn't just standing up in front of people and telling them what to do.

We will be doing a variety of assignments and activities throughout the semester to help enhance your
individual, group, community and career leadership abilities. The purpose is to help you become more effective in your life and work.

Look for the activities at the end of the week on your Web site.