To learn how to use a Mac  

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Computer Etiquette:

Don't move the computer. The Ethernet cords are short in places. If you move the computer you could break the jack making the computer unusable.

Don't touch the screen.

Don't clean the screen. If it is dirty let me know and I'll clean it.

Don't plug card readers into the back. Plug them into the left side of the keyboard. If that doesn't work see me for help.

Don't bring any food in the lab. Water only.

Only use the applications you need for your class.

Computer Operation:



How to turn on the computer:
The power switch is on the bottom left behind the computer. Press it to turn the computer on.

How to turn off, log out, or restart the computer:
Go to the apple icon on the top left of the screen. Go down to SHUT DOWN , RESTART,or LOG OUT.

Applications are located in the dock. The dock is located on the bottom of the computer screen.

Adding applications to the dock:
Open the hard drive. Open the applications folder. Drag the application icons to the dock.
Only add these if they are not already there:
Word, Power Point, Photoshop, Safari

Opening Applications:
Double click on them in the dock.

Window buttons are at the top left of the window.
Closing: red button
Minimizing: yellow button-the window minimizes to the right of the dock.
Maximizing: green button.


Viewing Folder Contents:

icon view, list view, column view, cover flow (see examples below)

Icon View


List View


Column View


Cover Flow


Back/Forward Buttons:

Click on the arrows to see folders you viewed previously


Saving to your Student Storage Space
There is an icon on the desktop with your student number on it. Use it as you would your MY DOCUMENTS folder on a PC.

Making a New Folder:
Press the CONTROL key and click. Select NEW FOLDER.

Use Safari to surf the net.The icon looks like a compass rose.



Keyboard Differences: On a Mac you use the command key instead of the control key on a PC. To copy on a Mac it is - command (right next to the space bar) C. To paste - command V, to undo - command Z, etc.

The command key is circled in red.

Mouse: To do a "right click" on a Mac with a one button mouse you hold down the control key (bottom left) and click. Macs can use two button mice. I'll try to get some next year.

To take a screen shot: press command, shift, and 4 at the same time, and drag a box around the area you want to capture. Let go of the mouse button to capture. The screen shot will be on the desktop. It will be named picture 1, picture 2, etc.

Force Quit a Program:
Press - COMMAND/OPTION/EXCAPE at the same time. A window will open. Choose the application you want to force quit.

Using Photoshop:
Not much different except we now have the newest version of Photoshop. If you look around on the tool bar you will find the same tools, just layed out a little differently. The only thing you might have trouble finding is the feather command. To find it go to: SELECT>MODIFY>FEATHER.

Welcome to Macland: )