To learn about a variety of photography careers.  

Pick a photo career (we'll work it out in class). Make a presentation to the class that includes: name of the career, a detailed description of what that particular specialty is, how much you might be able to make doing it, what your typical work day might be like, examples of that type of photography (you can use pictures from the internet. You do not have to take them), and what kind of education or training is necessary, the name of a current photographer in that field, and anything else you think may be of interest. You can do this any way you think is appropriate. You need to talk about it and have some sort of visual aid(visual presentations using Power Point, Prezi, Google presentation).

Take a screenshot of the first page of your presentation. Upload the screenshot to the assignments section of your website. Title it: Career Presentation.

The careers you will be choosing from are:

Portrait photography

Wedding photography

Fashion photography


Stock photography

Sports photography

Architectural photography

Editorial photography

Commercial photography

Travel Photography

Forensic Photography (no explicit pictures, see me for details)

If there is a career you would rather choose, see me so we can discuss it.

 TURN IN:    
  Your finished project will be your presentation.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

Did you include some sort of visual aid?

Did your presentation include all of the requirements?

Did all group members participate?

Were you well rehearsed?

Good luck