To learn how to use the Canon Digital rebel SLR digital camera in order to use it in our studio.  

Photography is not a simple thing. Some of you might think the information in the manual is unimportant. I promise it is. Take the time to read the information carefully.You will need to use all of it to work in the studio.You will to pass a verbal test before you are allowed to work in the studio.

Good info about using the camera here.

Download the manual here (PDF file). Read the following pages:

Handling Precautions 8-9

Quick Start Guide 10-11

Nomenclature 12-17

Manual Conventions 18

Getting Started/Basic Operations 19-30

Menu Operations 31-35

Image Settings 51-54

Setting ISO 55

White Balance 56

Custom White Balance 57-58

Setting Color Space 62

Auto Focus, Metering and Drive Modes 69-78

Exposure-Shutter Priority Mode (TV) 82-83

Exposure-Aperture Priority Mode (AV) 84-85

Exposure-Manual Mode (M) 86-87

Bulb Exposure 93

Non Canon Flash Photography (studio lights) 102

Image Playback 107-111

Erasing Images 116-117

Formatting CF card 118