Take a series of photos of a particular shape. Combine them into one image.  
  Look around. If you look carefully you will see shapes all around you. Choose one of these four shapes: squares, triangles, circles, or spirals. Take s variety of shots that illustrate that shape. They can't be things you draw or create in any way. They can't all be of the same or similar objects. Example: not four balls, not four crayons, etc. Finds different types of objects that are a similar shape. Take the four images and arrange them on another Photoshop file. There will be four images in one file.. They could be like the example above or in a square or rectangular pattern. They can be black and white or color.  
 TURN IN:    
  One finished file. Make the longest dimension 10 inches.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

From Mr. P's Photo Rubric

Is you image original, innovative and daring, or just another example of the same old thing? Does it fulfill the requirements for the assignment (see assignment requirements above) ?

Have you used the appropriate elements and principles of design that would enhance your photograph or did you just shoot what was in front of the camera? Have you used good composition or did you just place the center of interest in the center because it was easy?

Camera Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is the exposure correct? Was the appropriate aperture/shutter speed used (if applicable for your camera), did you find the best angle?

Computer Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is it resized correctly? Is it color corrected and sharpened?

Presentation: Is the artwork presented in a professional manner as outlined in the assignment?

Good luck