To use one of your photographs as the basis of a smudge painting  

Do some research about the smudge tool and smudge paintings or drawings. Google is your friend.

Simple tutorial

Use this file for in class practice.

After you can do the technique on the practice file try one of your files.

Crop your file to 8in x 10in or 10in x 8in, rez 72ppi. Notice the resolution box is not blank, it is 72ppi. Experiment with different brushes, brush sizes and blend modes. Look at some actual oil paintings online to get a feel for the direction and length of your strokes.

The smudge tool is behind the blur too (blur tool looks like a drop)l in the tool pallet. It looks like a finger sticking out.

This needs to be a file you have created, not something from the Internet. Usually something with less detail works best. Experiment with different brush sizes. You need to really zoom in and do small smudge strokes with the smudge brush going in the direction of the detail in the picture.

 TURN IN:    
  One finished 10x8 or 8x10 image named smudge.psd. Put it in a folder named "tourlastnamesmudge" in your photo folder. Put a .jpg version on your website in the assignment section.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

From Mr. P's Photo Rubric

Is you image original, innovative and daring, or just another example of the same old thing? Does it fulfill the requirements for the assignment (see assignment requirements above) ?

Have you used the appropriate elements and principles of design that would enhance your photograph or did you just shoot what was in front of the camera? Have you used good composition or did you just place the center of interest in the center because it was easy?

Camera Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is the exposure correct? Was the appropriate aperture/shutter speed used (if applicable for your camera), did you find the best angle?

Computer Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is it resized correctly? Is it color corrected and sharpened?

Presentation: Is the artwork presented in a professional manner as outlined in the assignment?

Good luck